It's time to start LogicFlame working with your server.

Step 1:

You need to invite the bot using the button which is bellow to your server.

Add to server

Step 2:

Once the bot has been added you will need to make sure that the bot has made its custom role named "LogicFlame".

Step 3:

Follow the instructions which the bot sends within a chat on your server, if there is no instructions when you invite the bot you will need to kick the bot and then repeat step 1 & 2 annd make sure that the permissions which has been given to the bot from invite is remaind the same through out the invite of the bot.


Congratulations you have gotten LogicFlame to work in your server.

Any Issues:

If you have any issues please feel free to contact the developers who are listed in the About US page either by emailing or discord support, the buttons are bellow for you to gain help.

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